MTV was yesterday! With digital music consumption now stronger than ever, a new decade for music channels has come.

“Music videos were one of the most interesting things that happened in the media landscape of the eighties and the nineties. However, the ‘golden age’ of the music video is long gone, and the Internet has caused the end of music videos as we knew them. But music videos are born again in a new form and in a new space: YouTube.”

Gianni Sibilla in Keazor & Wübbena, 2010, p. 225

HollyWhat? aims to empower music channels on YouTube through insights, training and acknowledgement

Music videos are an ever-changing, culturally diverse phenomenon. They have equally set new trends and responded to trends ever-since they became a thing in 1981 with the launch of MTV. But MTV was yesterday. Now, the landscape for music videos is shaped by many different producers and channels. And we appreciate that diversity.

We aim to educate on relevant developments in society, the future of the sector, generate new ideas, and build a network.

Why is it important to us support online music channels?

A broad variety of channels benefits a large diversity of music and musicians being accessible and promoted. This is how you change the music business and society one video at a time. However, many of these channels struggle with various circumstances that are caused by mechanisms typical for platforms and creative industries. They especially have a hard time establishing viable business models if they don’t commercialise heavily on their program, which would include focusing on mainstream music only.

What does HollyWhat? do?

  • We gather original YouTube data from relevant channels in the music economy
  • We pass along important industry news from media outlets and conferences via our articles and Tweets
  • We conduct our own research by asking new questions, detecting trends or analysing case studies
  • We are also happy to assist with specific questions surrounding your business case
  • For the moment, we are project-based but we are working on becoming a real organisation, so we can expand our services

We are building the first knowledge base for online music channels

Have something to say, too?

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